Innovation manager Hematología

Job description

We are working on real challenges in the intersection of AI and medicine, and we are looking for the right person to join our adventure.

The use of digitalization technologies and Artificial Intelligence in the world of healthcare reveals great opportunities to benefit and improve patient’s care, reducing costs and improving global health. We can find many medical areas that are already getting the benefits of this new wave, however, others like hematology, infectious diseases, neglected tropical diseases, among others, still remain one step behind. SpotLab is fighting to bridge the gap. You can see here some of our recent work applying artificial intelligence in the hematology field. We are looking for an innovation manager in hematology - can be full or part-time- .

Your main tasks will be:

  • Understand the AI's potential and leverage it to create and deploy actual hematology clinical solutions.

  • Help to manage ongoing projects in the intersection of AI and hematology (our technology is currently being deployed in 10 Spanish hospitals)

  • Join meetings with our clinical partners and potential customers like Hospitals, Pharma, Scientific Societies, Foundations, etc

  • Be the clinical scientific advisor of the business team and translate their inquiries to the technology development team.

  • Be the point of contact in clinical AI research projects providing medical advice to study design (objectives definition, methodology…).

  • Provide clinical advice for the definition of SpotLab’s products and functionalities.

  • Write competitive research project proposals.

  • Create,design and evaluate usability and performance in clinical settings

  • Carry out training activities with hospitals.

  • Willingness to travel (mostly national).


Skills, Experience and Qualifications required:

  • Medical doctors with clinical experience in Hematology, Pathology or a related speciality. Other life sciences fields, such as Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Biotechnology will also be considered.

  • Basic knowledge and interest for Digital tools, Artificial Intelligence or Medical Devices. Deep knowledge will be a plus.

  • Scientific background, with previous experience writing scientific articles and proposals, is a plus

  • Innovative mind inside, with the ability to discover and test new value propositions with AI.

  • A dreamer soul and empathic heart, with the urge to create a positive impact in this world.

  • Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal (spanish and english)

  • Capable of establishing durable relationships with hospitals, healthcare systems, regional health authorities as well as pharma companies or Scientific Societies.

  • Ability to work in a team, full of multidisciplinary people and a fast-change environment.

  • Ability to deal with uncertainty, autonomy to explore new paths and dare to walk the unwalkable.

  • Encouraged to try new ideas, willing to share points of view with workmates

  • Willingness to take risks and the ability to stay persistent

This position can be full or part-time. We are ready to find the best hours that suit you.